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We work with healthcare professionals to improve care, access to health information, and ensure our programs meet the needs of the community.  To inquire about committee membership, complete the contact form below.

Regional Education Committee

The Regional Education Committee (REC) meets quarterly to develop, evaluate, and inform the professional education programs provided by PMCH to address the healthcare needs of birthing people, children, and families in northern New Jersey. The REC is comprised of perinatal, neonatal, and pediatric inpatient and outpatient clinical leadership and educators of PMCH’s 25 member birthing facilities, as well as maternal and child health providers in the community. The REC Pediatric Subcommittee also meets quarterly and guides programming specific to the pediatric population. Between meetings, REC members share resources, information, and support regarding best practices in perinatal and pediatric healthcare. 

Regional Breastfeeding Committee

The Regional Breastfeeding Committee (RBC) is comprised of lactation consultants at the PMCH’s member birthing facilities. It provides a forum for sharing resources and best practices for lactation support and education for families and staff in the hospital setting. The RBC has quarterly meetings, often featuring guest speakers and lactation-related education. 

Regional Family Educator Committee

The Regional Family Educator Committee (RFEC) is a group of hospital- and community-based individuals who provide perinatal education and support to expectant and postpartum families throughout northern New Jersey. Committee members share resources and information regarding teaching formal classes and individual instruction on childbirth, lactation, infant care, infant safety, grandparenting, and sibling adjustment. Members include childbirth educators, lactation consultants and counselors, doulas, and others. The RFEC meetings are quarterly and often feature guest speakers presenting educational strategies and resources. 

Essex Metro Immunization Coalition

The Essex Metro Immunization Coalition is a group of concerned community organizations, medical professionals, and advocates dedicated to increasing timely and age-appropriate immunizations. The coalition meets quarterly to discuss immunization initiatives in northern New Jersey and share educational opportunities and resources.

Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention and Healthy Homes Initiative

Working together with community partners, we host quarterly meetings to share resources and urgent concerns about toxin exposure in our eight-county service area.  The Coalitions work to decrease lead exposure and access to non-lead paint sources, to help families take steps to prevent lead poisoning, and to help families and homeowners maintain healthy and safe homes.

Coalition members include health officers, health inspectors, public health nurses, community-based organizations, child care center staff, and health insurance representatives.  

Community Advisory Boards

Our programs are community-driven.  Many of our initiatives include Community Advisory Boards consisting of other non-profits, healthcare professionals, and community advocates who share their perspectives to improve the quality of our work.  Programs include Healthy Women Healthy Families, the Family Success Centers, FELLAS, and more. 

Connecting Dover

Connecting Dover is a coalition of community organizations committed to supporting Dover area residents.  The non-profit, government, and civic groups share resources and plan community events.  Their signature event is the Cultural Connections Festival in the fall which celebrates Hispanic heritage and highlights community  & health resources. The group meets virtually every month.  New members are welcome to join.

Connecting Irvington

Connecting Irvington is a coalition of community organizations committed to supporting Irvington area residents.  The non-profit, government, and civic groups share resources and plan community events.  The group meets every month and new members are welcome to join.