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Quality Improvement 

We’re committed to ensuring safe births for all in New Jersey.  

The Quality Improvement initiative provides our member hospitals support for New Jersey’s Vital Events Registration and Information Platform (VERI) database. The VERI database produces birth certificates for all infants born in New Jersey. In addition, VERI includes more than 600 fields of health and demographic information for each birth. Together with our member hospitals, we monitor this data to identify trends in maternal child health outcomes.

Our Quality Improvement team provides VIP training to member hospital staff, develops custom reports for member hospitals, and coordinates VERI User’s Group meetings with the goal of improving data quality.  

The Partnership also coordinates the Total Quality Improvement (TQI) Committee. The TQI committee includes neonatologists, obstetricians, and nurses from member hospitals as well as NJ Department of Health representatives. The committee continuously reviews birth data to provide high-quality care and improve maternal and infant health outcomes. Focus areas include health disparities, c-section rates, delivery complications, breastfeeding rates, immunizations, and more.

Contact us at 973-268-2280 or complete the form below to learn more.